New Reviews for July on Reviews in History

This month Reviews in History focusses on urban history and cities, co-inciding with the IHR’s Anglo-American Conference on the same theme.

Three of these reviews are of London-centred studies. There is an assessment by Justin Colson (no. 766, with response) of an attempt to bring together archaeological, documentary and architectural evidence relating to the London Guildhall, namely The London Guildhall: an Archaeological History of a Neighbourhood from Early Medieval to Modern Times by David Bowsher et al.

Then Jacob Field reviews (no. 767) Lost Londons: Change, Crime and Control in the Capital City 1550–1660, Paul Griffiths’ analysis of crime and migrant workers in London during this period. The author’s response can be found here.

Lastly James Gregory (no. 771) takes on Guilty Money: The City of London in Victorian and Edwardian Culture by Ranald Michie (see here for his response), which looks at the way the Square Mile was portrayed in the fiction of this period.

There is also a review (no. 769) by Kate Bradley of Andrew Davies’ book The Gangs of Manchester, the inspiration for the play Angels With Manky Faces which opened last week.

As ever, please feel free to send all comments, including suggestions for books you would like to see on Reviews in History to the deputy editor Danny Millum at

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